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About us

Specialists in group action claims

A commitment to excellence. A passion for justice.

Lanier, Longstaff, Hedar & Roberts LLP is a UK law firm specialising in group action claims. It was formed by experts in group litigation: Mark Lanier, the leading trial lawyer in America; English barristers Tom Longstaff and Duncan Hedar; and Kevin Roberts, the Executive Director of the Lanier Law Firm.

We’re committed to changing the approach to legal representation in the United Kingdom and achieving justice for our clients.  We fearlessly fight our clients’ corner to help them succeed in their claims against the world’s largest and most powerful corporations.

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Why we're specialists

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Our principles

  • Where our clients have been wronged, we’re passionate about providing the means for them to achieve redress, however powerful the wrongdoer.
  • We provide exceptional client care, to protect our clients throughout the litigation process.
  • Through every claim we bring, we aim to make the world a fairer, safer place.


We’re experts at managing large scale, global litigation. Our partners have been involved in some of the most significant claims brought before the courts of England and in the United States, where our partners have pioneered group litigation, successfully achieving over $30bn in damages for clients. 

We believe that corporations should be held to account for their wrongdoing, wherever that wrongdoing took place.

Our decades of experience in successfully bringing group action claims against the world’s largest corporations means we’re the ideal law firm to support you in your claim.

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