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Data Policy

Data Policy

What information do we collect?

From time to time, you will be asked to submit personal information about yourself (e.g. name and email address) in order to receive or use the services we provide. Such services include bulletins, email updates, registrations, logins and website feedback.

By entering your details in the fields requested, you enable Lanier, Longstaff, Hedar & Roberts LLP and its service providers to provide you with the services you select. Any information you provide to Lanier, Longstaff, Hedar & Roberts LLP will only be used by us, our agents and service providers and will not be disclosed unless we are obliged or permitted to by law to do so.

What types of personal data do we handle?

We process personal information to enable us to provide legal services to you, which may include:

  • Personal details such as names, addresses, telephone numbers
  • Medical or employment data, which may be relevant to your claim
  • Financial details
  • Responses to questionnaires and other response materials, for example feedback forms


How will we use information about you?

Your information is used to provide you with the services you select.
It may also be used to:

  • Check and report on how effective Lanier, Longstaff, Hedar & Roberts LLP and the services it provides has been
  • Manage specialised services
  • Investigate complaints, legal claims or important incidents

We will only retain information for as long as necessary.

Security of your information

We take our duty to protect your personal information and confidentiality seriously. We are committed to taking all reasonable measures to ensure the confidentiality and security of personal data for which we are responsible, whether computerised or on paper.

All staff are required to undertake annual information governance training and are provided with an information governance user handbook that they are required to read, understand and agree to adhere to. The handbook ensures that staff are aware of their information governance responsibilities and follow best practice guidelines ensuring the necessary safeguards and appropriate use of person-identifiable and confidential information.

Everyone working for Lanier, Longstaff, Hedar & Roberts LLP is subject to the common law duty of confidentiality. Information provided in confidence will only be used for the purposes advised and consented to by the service user, unless it is required or permitted by the law.

Privacy and sharing of your information

We take the privacy of your data very seriously. Unless stated as part of the service we do not share your information with any third parties.

There are a number of reasons why we might share information.

This can be due to:

  • Our obligations to comply with current legislation
  • Our duty to comply with a court order
  • You have consented to disclosure

The Data Protection Act and GDPR

Under the Data Protection Act and General Data Protection Regulation, we have a legal duty to protect any information we collect from you. We use leading technologies and encryption software to safeguard your data and keep strict security standards to prevent any unauthorised access to it.
We do not pass on your details to any third party.

Changes to our policy

If our privacy policy changes in any way, we will place an updated version on this page. Regularly reviewing the page ensures you are always aware of what information we collect, how we use it and under what circumstances, if any, we will share it with other parties.

Data Export and Removal Requests

Information we hold about you can be exported or removed at any time. To put in a request please contact us.