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Renault Diesel Claim

What financial losses and harm has been suffered in the Renault diesel claim?

We understand that as a Renault owner, you may have concerns about the financial losses and harm you’ve suffered due to the Renault diesel emissions scandal. On this page, we aim to provide you with a comprehensive overview of the Renault diesel claim, highlighting the damages faced by Renault owners like you.

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What is the Renault diesel claim?

The Renault diesel emissions claim revolves around allegations that Renault, one of the leading car manufacturers, installed ‘defeat devices’ in their diesel vehicles. These devices were designed to manipulate emissions tests, leading to misleadingly low emissions readings. As a result, Renault owners unknowingly purchased cars that were not as environmentally friendly as advertised.

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What is the Renault diesel claim?

If you’re a Renault owner affected by the diesel emissions scandal, you may have suffered various financial losses, including:

Depreciation of vehicle value

Due to the negative publicity surrounding the emissions scandal, Renault diesel vehicles’ resale value has plummeted. This depreciation directly affects the financial position of Renault owners.

Increased fuel consumption

The ‘defeat devices’ used by Renault may have impacted the fuel efficiency of the affected vehicles. Higher fuel consumption results in increased expenditure for owners, leading to additional financial burdens.

Cost of repairs and modifications

To rectify the emissions issues, Renault owners may have incurred expenses for repairs and modifications to their vehicles. These costs can quickly add up, causing financial strain.

Loss of trust and confidence

Renault owners trusted the company’s claims of producing environmentally friendly vehicles. The breach of this trust has not only caused financial harm but also emotional distress for owners who believed they were making an eco-conscious choice.

What harm has been suffered by Renault owners?

Apart from the financial losses, Renault owners have also experienced various forms of harm as a result of the diesel emissions scandal, including:

Environmental impact

The whole purpose of purchasing a diesel vehicle is often to contribute to a cleaner environment. However, the emissions manipulation has undermined the efforts of Renault owners to make an eco-friendly choice, causing harm to the environment.

Health concerns

Diesel emissions contain harmful pollutants, such as nitrogen oxides (NOx), which have been linked to respiratory issues and other health problems. Renault owners may have unknowingly exposed themselves and their families to increased health risks due to the higher emissions from their vehicles.

Inconvenience and time

Dealing with the fallout of the diesel emissions scandal, such as repairs, modifications, and legal procedures, can be incredibly time-consuming and inconvenient for Renault owners. This additional burden can negatively impact their personal and professional lives.

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Join the Renault diesel claim

If you’re a Renault owner who has faced financial losses and harm as a result of the diesel emissions scandal, you may be eligible to join the Renault diesel emissions claim. By joining forces with other affected owners, you can seek justice and pursue compensation for the damages you’ve suffered.

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