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Environmental Claims

Environmental Claims

You expect that manufacturing and agricultural processes, and products that could impact the public, are designed so that they’re safe. You don’t expect them to cause harm, either directly to individuals or the environment, but unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. When they do, this can lead to environmental claims being made. 

At Lanier, Longstaff, Hedar & Roberts, we’re committed to seeking justice for those whose health has been impacted by environmental issues caused by negligence.


Oil tanker spilling oil into the ocean

Experts in environmental claims

In some cases, industrial processes and products made available for sale are so deficient in design or implementation, that they cause lasting environmental damage or result in significant injury to individuals.

Environmental law is a fast-developing area of practice. Through environmental law, individuals and groups affected by damage to their environment, can hold the polluting companies to account.

The regulatory environment continues to shift, to reflect greater public concern with pollution and its consequences. As such, the avenues through which individuals can protect their environment, continue to widen.

We work with our clients to hold companies, who pollute and threaten the health of you, your family, your community, your business and your environment, to account. Our lawyers are experts in protecting our clients’ interests in these matters. Whether through commercial litigation or through challenging decisions of public bodies through judicial review, we can help.

If your health has been impacted by an environmental issue caused by negligence, we can protect your interests. Simply contact us and one of our experts will be in touch.