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Business & Competition Litigation

Business & Competition Litigation

Our experienced business and competition litigation lawyers regularly act in high-stakes ‘bet the company’ cases. We have vast experience across a variety of industries and our innovative and fearless approach to protecting our clients’ rights set us apart from other law firms.


Business rush hour at a London train station

Experts in business & competition litigation

Business and competition litigation is typically complex and highly industry specific. Our lawyers have the expertise, experience and resources to go ‘toe-to-toe’ with the world’s largest corporations, including in the following areas:

  • Competition Litigation
  • Energy Disputes
  • Shareholder Class Actions
  • Insolvency
  • International Arbitration

Lanier, Longstaff, Hedar & Roberts’ lawyers have represented multiple clients in billion-pound lawsuits, and defended the rights of businesses and individuals against some of the world’s largest companies. 

When any business tries to take unlawful advantage of our clients, we step in to seek justice for our clients.

If you need advice from one of our experienced business and competition litigation lawyers, simply contact us today.